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I Was Banned from Facebook because of Stephanie Robinson of Akron, Ohio

I am no way shape or form associated with this person by the name of Stephanie Robinson


It all started from this simple post made by my friend Ebony Veal and my reply was.... “Jealous of what? The sun loves our skin?” Just simply embracing how beautifully the sun allows my skin to glow. And this is what happens next....


Stephanie Robinson went on a racist rant because I said “the sun loves our skin.”

And she continued to use as many racial slurs as she could and Facebook allowed it. I reported her comments and Facebook continued to allow her to harass me.

I continued to report her comments and Facebook did nothing about her.

I reported her comments and Facebook did nothing.

Facebook finally put her account in jail with the help of others because I began to screenshot her racial harassment but she then entered my inbox with the harassment. I never replied because I have way better things to do with my life and I’m not a miserable person like Stephanie Robinson is. She obviously has some deep rooted issues that have absolutely nothing to do with me. But Facebook allowed her to continue to harass me.

Not once did I reply with ignorance because her actions don’t affect my life one bit. Her hate and anger doesn’t reflect on who I am...not at all. She is clearly showing her true colors. I checked her profile and her children are half black. I honestly hope she doesn’t have custody of her children because she obviously hates ppl of color.

After 2 days of being harassed by this person....she was put in Facebook jail for 24 hours and soon as she was released....back to harassing me. I told her that I don’t do all this Facebook arguing and she could see me out here in the streets. That’s when she threatened to fight me in an attempt to spread HIV. You can clearly read it in the screenshot. Not only has she acknowledged to having a deadly disease....she had threatened my life with it. Facebook did absolutely NOTHING about the threats so I re-posted the screenshots on my profile. The last time I checked the’s a federal offense to threaten to spread a deadly disease but Facebook allowed her to continue.

Then Stephanie Robinson admits to having sexual relations with my friend....which once again, has absolutely nothing to do with me or my lifestyle. Ebony and I went to preschool together and have always been friends since...and that’s it. Her personal life has absolutely nothing to do with me or the lifestyle I live.

Facebook then violates me for saying “u got mental issues.” But u can clearly see her calling me a n*gger and telling me to pick the cotton from between her toes. This is how Facebook allows racist people to talk to me.

Facebook allowed her to continue her hate speech. This went on for 2 whole days.




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